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Making the Case for Veterans’ Disability Representation

March 28, 2012

Navigating the Veterans Administration (VA) can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be done alone. Ben Walters at Silver & Archibald, LLP, represents veterans who need assistance from someone who is familiar with the system and its rules to maximize the potential benefits available. Ben has received special training in VA disability law and is accredited to represent veterans before the VA.

Three Part Test
To get VA compensation benefits for a service-connected disability, a three part test must be met. 

  • First, you must presently have a disability that has been medically diagnosed. 
  • Second, you must have had a disease, injury or event that began or occurred during service. 
  • Third, your current medical condition must be related to the in-service medical condition or event.  This includes disabilities that are secondary conditions or those that are due to a primary disability that is service-connected.

Professional representation means your attorney advocates zealously on your behalf, answers your claim-related questions in a timely manner and helps you understand and obtain the evidence needed to support your claim for VA benefits.  Professional representation means your advocate is not simply passing along the claims you want to raise to the VA.  Rather, your attorney analyzes your entire VA claim history and assesses the best and most efficient path to getting you all the benefits you deserve – both those you know about and those you don’t.  In addition, your attorney will draft all necessary appeals and arguments and advocate for you at hearings at the Regional Office and before the Board of Veterans Appeals.

Why Representation is Important
Veterans who pursue their appeals for VA benefits without professional representation are at a severe disadvantage because VA laws and regulations are complex, convoluted and constantly changing.  Representation by an attorney is not a guarantee that you will prevail. However, representation ensures that you will have an advocate who not only knows veterans’ benefits law, but who will also hold the VA accountable and make sure the VA applies its laws and regulations correctly.

Information and portions of this article borrowed from ultimatedisabilityguide.com