Veterans’ Disability

Veterans DisabilityUnfortunately, very often veterans live with physical and mental impairments as a result of their time in service. In such circumstances a veteran may be eligible for monthly income benefits and increased health care services from the VA. Unfortunately, veterans who fought for our country often have to fight with the VA simply to obtain these benefits.

These claims often involve multiple appeals and require obtaining additional evidence to prove the claim. Arguments must be made over whether the health condition is “service-connected,” when the injury occurred or over the severity of the impairment. Eventually, the claim may be heard by a Veterans’ Law Judge at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals in Washington, D.C.

At Silver & Archibald we have attorneys on staff who have received specific training on VA law and have been accredited by the VA to represent veterans in their disability claims. You served our country in the military, now let us fight for your rights to the benefits you deserve.

Our Veterans’ Disability Attorneys: